Helen Pluck marked an exciting milestone for Chamber member, Ipswich Borough Council, when she became the first female chief executive in February 2023.

A white woman with glasses smiling. She is wearing a red suit.
Portrait of Helen Pluck
© Ipswich Borough Council

Her appointment marked a significant milestone in the council’s history, breaking gender barriers and setting a new precedent for female leadership within the organisation.

In an insightful interview conducted in March 2024, Helen sat down with the C140 project team to discuss her career, her ambitions for Ipswich, and the profound impact she has made as a pioneering female leader in Suffolk. She shared her experiences, challenges, and the vision she holds for the future of Ipswich Borough Council.

Helen’s journey is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and leadership skills. Her role as the chief executive not only highlights her individual accomplishments but also serves as an inspiration for other female leaders in the region and beyond. Through her leadership, Helen has been instrumental in driving positive change and fostering inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.

Listen below to find out more about Helen’s inspiring story and her impactful role as a female leader in Ipswich.